An established member of the versatile floorwise stable, the popularity of F592C Contact Spray Adhesive goes from strength to strength as its much sought after credentials ensure it is the go-to option for flooring installers across the land.

Now available in 17kg canisters, F592C is the only adhesive solution installers should need for larger scale applications. Simultaneously saving time, money and effort, the 17kg option contains adhesive to cover up to 150 square metres of surface area, focusing on convenience as well as product performance, typical traits of the floorwise brand.

Combining super fast spray action with fantastic bond strength, F592C comprises a high solid/low solvent ratio, ensuring more adhesive is left on the floor when tested against more solvent-based competitor products. Equating to a stronger bond for the same level of coverage, F592C is a simple solution for bonding the widest range of materials.

These include but are not limited to carpet, matting, rubber or most vinyls, bonding onto wood, metal, concrete or stone; F592C is a truly versatile, fast-fixing option, this one-part synthetic adhesive helping to achieve flawless finishes no matter the type of job.

Further to these impressive attributes, floorwise F592C’s directional nozzle offers sublime control for a tidy finish, however tricky the task at hand. With the ability to withstand high temperatures, so ideal for use over underfloor heating or on public transport vehicles, this handy container is set to make the lives of flooring installers simple.

Add to this the option of F593C Super Contact Spray Adhesive, and it’s clear to see why this line of products is becoming a regular feature in installer armouries up and down the UK. This adhesive is perfect for the most arduous of projects, especially those requiring extra strength in their product selection. Reducing the need for double spraying, F593C is a premium adhesive that makes jobs easier and quicker in a variety of conditions.

It is the unrivalled performance of F592C and F593C that ensure they maintain their status as popular adhesive choices, floorwise again combining quality, practicality and value.