Rapidbond 310ml

Rapidbond is one of the leading brands in the industry, and with their rapid set adhesive, it’s easy to see why. This solvent free, single component adhesive offers a quick, easy and durable solution with results you can depend on.

Coverage: 1 cartridge will provide 44 linear metres of a 3mm bead

Key Features

  • Completely solvent free
  • Fast curing polyurethane adhesive
  • Allows stretching on gripper after an hour’s use
  • 3-4 minutes open time
  • Now back in original formula

Suitable applications

  • Carpet edgings
  • Nosing
  • Grippers
  • Outdoor tiles.


Adhesive containing diisocyanates – Rapidbond

There is a legal requirement for all professional and industrial users to be trained and certified in how to handle products containing diisocyanates safely. This will apply to all products containing diisocyanates in concentration greater than 0.1% by weight.

The type of training will depend on the risk level of the application. Three risk levels (general, intermediate and advanced) have been defined, mainly based on toxicity hazards of products supplied and risk of exposure during use. Training must be renewed at least every five years.

Both in-person and online training can be found. A good example can be found here:


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