Recommendation Guide

Each Floorwise underlay has unique performance characteristics. We have included a use recommendation table for you to be able to easily compare the underlays.

Please note that generally the thicker the underlay, the better the underfoot comfort, whilst the greater the density the better the underlay will perform over time.

The table includes a classification column, which rates the underlays to BS EN 14499 standards.

HC/U Heavy Contract Use

GC/U General Contract Use

L/U Luxury Use

GD/U General Domestic Use

LD/U Light Domestic Use (Not Suitable for Stairs)


Also included in the table are Tog ratings, with some underlays being better insulators than others. Finally, there is an impact sound rating which is a guide to how well the underlay suppresses noise from the room above.

FLOORWISE Recommendation Guide (PDF download/view)